The Life of HOKUSAI

The Life of HOKUSAI

Can obsession with art make us forget love?
"The Life of Hokusai" attempts to answer this question by exploring the intimate world of one of the world's most brilliant and tormented artists: Katsushika Hokusai.
Hokusai saw himself as a bridge between heavenly and earthly powers. The embodiment of a dragon!
He had nothing to fear until the sudden death of his wife...
Despite this immense love, Hokusai was so absorbed in his art that he neglected the illness of Koto, his wife, who had always supported him with admirable devotion. bad morning, Koto suddenly dropped dead, and from that day on, Hokusai was tormented by the memory of having neglected his beloved.

Scene 1: Prologue

Scene 2: Hokusai's Inner conflict

Scene 3: The Daily Life of a Genius Painter.

Scene 4: The man mad about art, Hokusai

Scene 5: Shunga / "Octopus and sea lady"

Scene 6: Toward the Ultimate in Painting

Scene 7: Oei's conflict

Scene 8: The Wind God and The Thunder God

Scene 9: Hokusai's revival and eternal farewell with Koto

Scene 10: The Great Wave

Scene 11: Edo Great Fire

Scene 12: "The Phoenix"

Scene 13: Fox and Raccoon

Scene 14: Hokusai's Last Work "Dragon Flying over Mount Fuji"